LAVENDER gift set by Old Whaling Co.

LAVENDER gift set by Old Whaling Co.

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French Lavender is a tranquil, floral blend with notes of mountain heather and wild rose. Our favorite fragrance for inspiring sleep and serenity, this soothing scent is reminiscent of a gentle breeze rolling through a peaceful meadow of wild lavender.

Top: Lavender, Mountain Heather, Rose

Base: Lilac, Tonka, Orange Flower

Made in the USA (Charleston, SC) 

Gift set features one travel size body butter and bar soap. Perfect for cleansing and moisturizing hands. Gentle and great for sensitive skin. 

Lotion made with: shea butter, organic aloe Vera and organic sunflower oil. 

Soap made with: blend of olive, coconut and soybean oils.